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Company Guiding Values

Kinsel&Co builds bridges. We build bridges between clients and producers, between teams and cultures and between cultures. We build bridges between what is and what can be. We seek to empower companies entering Ukraine, Ukrainian companies seeking success on the international markets, companies expanding and seeking research based foundation for company, sales and strategy development.

Our team members have an international outlook, driven to achieve results and fueled by curiosity.

Our clients value our integrity, thoroughness and comprehensive, sometimes unexpected or non-standard solutions.

Business Services

Investor Support

Investing in a business is risky, especially in a foreign country. Our team provides investors a true picture of the target company’s health by conducting a comprehensive review of the business as a whole including financial statements, internal reporting systems, staff turnover, client relations, related parties, sourcing and sales policy, market size facility management etc., highlighting both potential risks and opportunities. Projects are often phased, initially defining the “what”, later exploring the “why” and “what if”.

Business Financing Support

Sources of financing for small and medium business are more abundant than many expect in Ukraine. Bank lending interest rates are dropping, and equity financing is more readily available. We have lead discussions with local banks resulting in lower interest expense, longer term debt and larger working capital facilities for Ukrainian and non-resident business owners.

Ukraine Market Analysis

Just entering the market or redefining the marketing and sales strategy? Kinsel & Co. works along-side with the management team, or independently, to determine market size and sales strategies that fit the company, product and market. Kinsel & Co believes the market is not only what has been sold historically, but, using rational assumptions, determining what can be sold and how.

Hemp and Organic

Industrial Hemp

The world-wide hemp market is booming as people start to understand the health and environmental benefits that this formerly forbidden grain has to offer. Ukraine has been a leader in hemp genetics and processing technologies. Kinsel & Co is working with organic and conventional farmers in Ukraine and other markets to offer material for processing and price/quality security for both parties; as well as processors seeking business expansion and project implementation.



Organic food consumption is increasing year by year as people desire to limit their intake of agrochemicals. Kinsel & Co. is cooperating with more than ten Ukrainian organic farmers and international and domestic buyers to ensure the right product is supplied at the right price, taking consideration of purity, moisture content, packing, shipping costs and microbiological and other considerations.

Our Team

Kinsel&Co. was founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2012.

Kinsel & Co’s team includes more than 50 years of experience in company management, corporate and investment banking and law. Projects draw on industry leaders and talent on an as needed basis, including former ministers, ambassadors and Members of Parliament to research scientists and industry insiders.


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Please contact us to discuss how we can support your company’s growth, be it through access to capital, new markets, or hemp or organic products.

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