Kinsel & Co. was founded in 2012
to provide practical business solutions to International and Ukrainian investors in Ukraine

Key services provided:


About Us

Kinsel & Co. was founded in 2012 to provide practical business solutions to International and Ukrainian investors in Ukraine. 

Kinsel & Co. and its management team have been involved in more than 50 transactions including valuation, inbound debt and investment, transactions between local parties and sale of companies by non-residents requiring repatriation of funds to the parent company.

Recently Kinsel & Co. also provides practical solutions and boots on the ground support to international donors and charity organizations exceeding $2 million dollars in direct financial and in-kind support.

Kinsel & Co. is a bridge between business, legal, financial and cultures of Western Investors and Ukraine.

Areas of Expertise

Company or Project Due Diligence

Kinsel & Co. provides practical on the ground review of sites, products and companies to provide the client with an overview, or a clear detailed understanding of the counterparty, project or target company including financial statements, internal reporting systems, staff turnover, client relations, related parties, sourcing and sales policy, market size, facility management etc., highlighting both potential risks and opportunities.

Transaction Support Services

Kinsel & Co. has participated in more than 50 transactions and provides comprehensive support services including structuring SPAs, review of tax structures, structuring shareholder agreements, conducting negotiations with sellers, buyers, management, banks and officials on a local and national level. 

Interim and Crisis Management

Businesses face crises and critical situations for many reasons: shareholder quarrels, debt, incompetent or malign managers and actions by external parties. 
Kinsel & Co. has helped secure operations, return assets and guide or lead the company back to stability.

Recently Completed Projects

Strategy and Management Review of Kazakh Chicken Egg Farm

Conducted review of the strategic positioning, finances and management team of one of the Top 10 chicken egg farms in Kazakhstan on behalf of the owner.

Donor Recipient Site Visit, Operational Audit and Financial Review

International Donor organization requested a site review and operational audit of a potential recipient charity to verify the recipients claims and optimize structuring of support to ensure project goals are met over time.
Kinsel & Co. provided a report including the recipient founder’s reputation, financial stability, project operations, audit of costs and suggestions on terms for a donor finance agreement to ensure the recipient is compliant with the donor’s requirements.

Crisis Managed and Sold 7800 ha American Owned Farm

American owned farm with significant debt and a conflict with previous management was managed, assets secured, debt restructured, fended off foreclosure by aggressive bank and sold to Ukrainian investor.

Local Sourcing Solution

International Charity Organization sought alternative to import of certain products.
Within 10 days Kinsel & Co. provided local purchasing solutions that were safer, faster and cheaper for the donor.
The project for more than $200 000 over 3 months has been approved by the recipient and donor.

3200 ha Farm Sold for Norwegian Investors

Prepared valuation, marketed and sold Norwegian owned farm to Ukrainian investor including working with due diligence teams, coordinating actions of buyer and seller counsel, structuring SPA and compliance to ensure payment receipt at the seller’s bank in Norway.

1100 ha Farm Structured and Sold

Advised on balance sheet restructuring and marketing on behalf of a Danish investor.

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